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Welcome to the COSPAR resource catalogue for space weather!

The information collected here provides a valuable resource for space weather resource providers and users. We invite all site visitors to register in order to enter new information and/or to update or complement existing information.

The resource information also serves as input for the COSPAR Roadmap for space weather activities in order to compile a comprehensive and detailed database of space weather assets.

The catalogue was originally established in the framework of the EU COST ES0803 Action. As such, it was mainly targeted at European assets. Under the auspices of COSPAR, it was decided to widen the scope in order to compile a global catalogue as a result of an expression of interest from the global community.

Please don't hesitate to convey your thoughts and opinion to info@spaceweathercatalogue.org.

The collected information is available without restriction to the whole community. Browsing the catalogue does not require a user account, but entering or editing information in the catalogue does. In addtion to the browse function, a pdf version of the catalogue is available. This document is updated every day. The pdf version contains bookmarks and internal as well as external links, similar to the functionality of the resource browse window.

At all times, registered users will retain full visibility of the information added or edited by them, and will have the opportunity to modify it. At the same time, information provided on assets will be visible to all visitors of this site. Personal information required for the registration process will not be visible to other users.

Access to the catalogue for adding or editing entries requires a registered account. Please use the registration link in the left-hand panel to create an account. Account information can be updated at any time.

Before entering information, please read the help pages! On each page, the right hand menu provides a short description of the functionality of the page.

Context help
The COSPAR space weather roadmap catalogue provides the following functionalities:

1. browsing information stored in the catalogue;
2. adding entries to the catalogue;
3. editing stored information.

No user account is needed to browse the catalogue. In order to enter or edit information in the catalogue, a registered account is required. An account can be set up via the registration link in the left-hand panel.

Contact and feedback
If you have questions, comments or other feedback, click here to send a message.